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Captive Portal


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Im trying hard not bite back not call you complete cunt! (Ooops!)

That has got to be the most unhelpful thing anyone can say!

Using forums like these help people like myself, improve on my knowledge and help others. Its difficult to do this when people like yourself make it hard. Im learning about the Pineapple and its features and the best place to do that is here. if you have nothing constructive to say, then don't say anything. Im sure there have been times that you have asked a question and someone has come back with a answer, and not 'Try Searching'

From your answer you clearly have an understanding of my question - Then why don't you help?

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Firstly, I called you a cunt, not a dick.

Secondly, If you had replied with a non-retarded answer, we wouldn't be going through this boring charade of he said and she said! I agree learning is searching - But if im using the Pineapple and want to learn about the Pineapple, Logically I will come to these forums, which i have done for the last 2 years! I have asked many questions in these forums and every answer has been practical and honest, you are the only one to come back with 'try searching'. Its just NOT HELPFUL! As I said if you have nothing constructive to say, DONT SAY IT!

If you had put that link first instead of 'Try searching' I'm sure we have been buddy's and me appreciating your help! But instead you choose to make yourself look like a complete moron!

Oh and "next time don't call me names" what are you?? 8 - If your going to put a pathetic stupid and unnecessary answer don't expect a polite reply!

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Relax guys... Be patience.

The point of a captive portal is to make a web that requires credentials to submit there and save into pineapple (credentials like 'enter your name' or 'email and password' it depends on you). When someone grab their credentials into your web you let that person surf normally on internet.

I think i'm not forgetting nothing.

Sorry for my bad english.

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The captive portal can be for anything: forcing clients to view a page that try to exploit a java vulnerability, phishing, saying "Hey This is a pineapple beware!", or anything else you want. I don't condon you doing anything illegal of course

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