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What is the best graphics card to use with pyrit?


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Step 1: Enter 'pyrit' into google, hit I'm feeling lucky

Step 2: Look at the graph on the website that says which card is how fast.

Step 3: Look at your wallet and decide for yourself which card is sufficiently effective in terms of price/performance.

I don't understand why you needed us for any of that... Particularly step 3.

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the prices change constantly... I would not get the best...

nvidia sli 4way...

I have always wanted to build one of these...

maybe you can find some nvidia cards that fit your price range to fill 4slots...

If your going to follow threw with this... how much cash do you have to spend?

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See, I don't understand how those cards can survive load like that.

You have that radial fan or whatever it's called sucking air in from the side and blowing it through the front and back of the card. Except for the card at the front of this image, how are the other cards expected to take in air with the next card so close to it?

And you must have a pretty big interest in cracking hashes if you want to spend upwards of 1500 bucks on graphics cards to do just that. It's probably a lot more cost-effective to get some cloud services of some sort for that.

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