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What does the sony thing mean for linux.


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Are you talking about Sony getting hacked?

That doesn't change the course of linux at all.

The only thing I could see is if Sonys infrastructure was Linux and there was an 0-day exploited that no one knew about, that will then get patched. Otherwise no change, or at least nothing significant

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What does the ops question have to do with double rainbows? What does it mean?

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It probably happened from inside or a former employee. Another company or even someone in the country of question. My answer is some countries super lock down internet and censor content. It could even be someone who does not like the topic of the movie. It would be similar to if someone made a movie about a company Balco i think the name of the company is. Sticking baseball players with needles to dope them with steroids. The sports media and major league baseball would jump on it and try to keep it from being released. Even if a movie was made about a big social issue like the way they commercial fish in the gulf of mexico. Try to hack into the network from outside to create bad pr ]ess or have someone from inside create negative P.R. meaning public relations. Data was breached at a couple of retail giants this year. Kmart and Home Desperate "depot" I think why did the cashier have to punch the numbers in all the time on my card. It is just a matter of time before we have another TJ max or Target incident. Good ole WIFI and FTP.

The question should of stated since the Sony hack does it make the us gov't nervous about linux and open source users. Will they watch us more stringently. My take on this is it takes two brain cells to use Linux and zero to use windows. I repeat it is not the kids using Linux tools to learn about networking to go along with Cisco and Microsoft training. Keep an eye over your shoulder you are being watched.

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Asking what that hack means for Linux is akin to asking what it means for trees nation wide after the drunk driver slammed his car into one and once the paramedics arrived he exclaimed "That tree just came outta nowhere!"

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