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Antenna/booster/MKV SMA question


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So I ordered the MKV, the Omni and the yagi both of which have the standard SMA male connector. If I want to screw any external antenna with lead like this onto for instance the Alfa from hakshop which is a RP female SMA it looks like it would require a RP female SMA to standard female SMA. I'm surprised was the Alfa supposed to come with a pigtail for this purpose? I also purchased the booster which has an adapter but it's only for connecting to the pineapple and is a standard SMA male to RP female. So, in essence I'm trying to connect either the Omni or yagi to either the Alfa, or the booster and can't seem to do it with the one adapter and no pigtails provided.

Right now the best I can do it take the Omni off the base go direct screwed onto Alfa (ugly and heavy) but no solution at all with the yagi.

Does anyone have good experience with a particular source for the somewhat hard to find RP female to standard female adapter or pigtail, and/or is there a solution or part I didn't get etc that I'm missing to be able to do this?

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Correction looks like I need a RP male to standard female which actually seems more common and really surprises me hakshop doesn't offer to allow the pigtails like yagi which are standard male to connect to the Alfa or booster which are RP female.

Looks like this adapter will allow those antenna pigtails to connect directly to the Alfa or the booster:


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