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Internet Connection Sharing on Access Point not working


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Hi friends,

I am new in the hacking community and I got yesterday my new Wifi Pineapple V , I was doing the first tests but I have a problem.

I have 3 Wireless Interfaces -> 2 Standard ones and one external USB. Everything is showing in the Wifi Pineapple Interface.

Now when I connect to Wlan1 through client Mode and I connect an another device (Device1) to Wifi Pineapple Wlan0 (this is an Access Point), the device (Device1) is connected but it don't has access to Internet?

The Wifi Pineapple has Internet (also got an IP) but it is not passing the Internet to other Devices ? What can I do ? I need your help.

I have also tried it with Wifi Manager, this Infusion has an Internet Connection Sharing Option.

Thank You

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I would double check your connections. I've had this happen before where I connected the Pineapple as a client to an AP but it would get kicked off a few seconds later. I wouldn't realize it until I connected a client to the Pineapple and it couldn't get out to the internet. I know you said it had an internet connection but the best thing to do in these situations is start from the beginning and take your time. You will most likely figure out the problem along the way.

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