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Hak5 sponsors and hosting.....


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They use both, and some for DNS, others for hosting, and vice versa. Hak5 has always used Dreamhost for some of their hosting at times since they started as I recall, but look at the A records and cnames; some come from multiple places and they have more sites than just hak5.org. You used to be able to dump their records for hak5.org with a zone transfer too, although they may block that now(as all should), but you'd be able to see all sub domains, their IP's and what hosts use each, which IIRC some being dreamhost, and others not. You can still probably get a discount on hosting with dreamHost using hak5 or some derivative there in. Watch seasons 1-3 and I think you'll see the coupon codes in the episodes.

Also to note, I think they use Dreamhost for the DNS on hak5.org, but are actually hosted on linode servers, but I could be wrong..

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What is the reason behind them not using domain.com since it is their sponsor?

Wouldn't that mean better deals?

An technically by Hak5 not using domian.com doesn't that promote competitors of domain.com, I mean you wouldn't

someone driving a Honda in Toyota commercial !

The whole reason why i'm evening bring this up is because i've been researching hosts for my site and then got curious as to how Hak5 does it and if domain.com was as good as they are advertising.

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Darren has used Domain.com for domain name registration I believe, but not sure on hosting. Either way, shop around, find out what hosting companies offer what you need, and read reviews. Personally, I would stay away from Blue Host, Host Gator, GoDaddy(this should go without saying for GoDaddy, but anyway), and 1and1 hosting. GoDaddy can be cheap for domain name registration in many cases, but for hosting, I would never use them due to my experience with their security and customer service.

Myself, I have a dozen or so domains, all of which are hosted with DreamHost, but that is my personal preference. Their customer service is generally very quick and knowledgeable, pricing more than reasonable, and security usually pretty good all around. They do have outages from time to time, but compared to other hosting companies, usually very minimal over the 10 or so years I have been with them.

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Sponsor doesn't mean you have to use their stuff, unless it's in the contract of course.


May I also add that no where in my post did I say Hak5 was REQUIRED to use domain.com. My post stated the from economic point of view wouldn't it be better?

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