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Want a sort of Media Bridge


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Ok this is what I want too do but, have no idea how to get there,

I want too have something between my Amazon Fire TV and my PoweLine Adapter to work as a VPN. My obvious choice is to get a router and throw DD-WRT on it and use it. I would prefere something with a little more Puch though.

I need to have 2 RJ45 Slots

Run a VPN

Run a Bittorrent CLient

Run Sickbeard and Couchpotatoe

Have a way to use External Storage

The only other thing I could thing of is using a Mini PC but non of those have 2 ethernet ports

Any Ideas of a Decent router under $100 US with sufficient Flash and RAM space

Or a Mini Pc that can handle this?

How can I convert 2 ethernets into 1?

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Given your requirements I'd go with one of those APU things AMD sells. The Gigabyte GA-C1037UN is a pretty decent board with everything on there. Add a PSU and a box (optional) and you're done.

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