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Infusion creation example doesn't actually work


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Following the example on the wiki results in an almost completely broken infusion. After typing it all in myself, I tried literally copying and pasting the contents of all three of the files from the wiki, with exactly the same results. Clicking on the refresh button does nothing, as in no notification, and no refresh of the DNSSpoof status. The DNSSpoof checking itself however does work correctly.

Entering and submitting some text in the large view results in a redirect to a broken webpage. I've attached a screenshot.
I assume this is because the wiki's content is out-of-date, and that it worked at one time. What changed, and how do we make it work?
P.S. Does this topic belong in the main Pineapple forum instead of the infusion forum?


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The reason why stuff is breaking is because whoever created this example put <head> tags in the HTML which should not be in there..

Replace your small tile code with this:

<script type="text/javascript">
function refreshSmall();{
notify('You used the Refresh button!');
exec("pgrep dnsspoof", $dnsspoofrunning);
if(empty($dnsspoofrunning)) {
	echo "DNSSpoof is not Running.";
	else { echo('DNSSpoof is Running'); }
<a href="#" onClick="refreshSmall();">[Refresh]</a>

That should work just fine.

Also for API documentation: http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Webinterface_API

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