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Problems with collecting traffic


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Hi everybody guys,

this is my first post here and I am quite exited...I got my pineapple today...yay!!! :D

However I am sad because I did not have any chance to work it yet...

I followed many different guides on the web and basically what I did is:

1)booted it and upgraded the firmware

2)set up the SSID passwd etc etc

3)installed the sslstrip infusion

4)started karma

5)started the sslstrip

however I did not have any chance to hook the login/passwd process executed on my laptop as a test....and it seems (from the log) that I wasn't neither able to detect any kind of traffic...

I am kinda confused....could you please help me understanding where and what I am doing wrong?

My best


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Thank you guys for your replies...

I did not try with Internet Explorer but the problem is that my log is empty...

I mean....it seems that I am not MITM anything!!!

I would like to leave it running for some hours because I can see different SSID from my flat BUT,

I have not found how to save the log yet....each time I open the SSLSTRIP window the log is empty and the "autorefresh"

is off (even though I set it ON when I closed the infusion)....

Is there a way to save the log to the SD or to an USB drive in order to unplug it from the pineapple and plug it into a laptop to read it?


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