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Web hosting at home or subscription?


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I was wondering the pros and cons of both.

I don't mean the obvious stuff like support and start-up cost.

Site contents consist of user profiles, forum, products (payments handled by third party), blog/news pages, video tutorials and some file downloads. Right now all is setup on ubuntu server vm for testing, was planning on moving it to a dedicated server made from old pc was it goes public but I wanted to get some thoughts from the pros first.

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I have ran several sites from home and have found out that is is cheaper and less headaches to go with a paid service. you save on electricity time setting everthing up maintance to the server and security. If you go with a paid service you dont have to set up the server youself you dont have to maintain the server and you dont have to pay the eletric. I'll let other people chime in with their answers but paid worked best for me and it was not that expensive if you shop around. Plus you get alot more bandwidth.

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