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Wheres the Shortbus?


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I like my method ;), the only thing that the flash needs to do is to except options from the html (you know, like flashobject.swf?options) and it'll be brill.

as do I If i make a flash segment i will finaly have contributed something usefull hear :roll: and have some fun in the prosses.

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We're game. Once the script is done Wess and I will record it. The video should also be available in alternate formats like xvid, quicktime, and wmv.

I think you are posting in the wrong thread :/

Edit: I see now, that would probably be a very good thing if the hosts of Hak5 actualy said the rules to the new comers.

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Script is done if the cast approves let me know if not i can make changes (you're more then welcome to change it anyway toy want) record the audio/video and Kateweb and I will take care of the flash and pass it off to Sparta to finish it off with the php and all the stuff

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