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Already a little bit disappointed about my order


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Best Hak5,

I just placed a order for a Usb rubber ducky through the new European Edutech Hakshop.
Afterwards i went back on the original hakshop and added 1 usb rubber ducky to my cart and also filled in the calculation for shipping it to Belgium
the usb rubber ducky in the normal hakshop is 36$ and then then 33$ for the US Postal Priority Shipping, what makes a total off 69$ or converted to Euro 55.5186

And the order i placed in the European Edutech Hakshop was 54.35 €

I know it's a bit cheaper,but i'm kinda disappointed now cause i just watched the latest episode i heard there was a HAK5FAN coupon. I could not fill in this coupon on the European Edutech hakshop :(

And i really wanted some stickers also :p

So very good that there is now a European hakshop, but next time i'm ordering again from the original hakshop :p

Or please also apply the rules to the European hakshop!

Cause i'm really disappointed that i don't have some awesome hak5 stickers now :p

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Hi there,

I'm Rkiver, and I run the European side of things.

I don't have the sticker kits from the main site, in fact right now I only have the Rubber Duckies. So nothing I can do about that.

Also the codes for the Hakshop are just for the US one, not the European one. Eventually we'll have a setup so codes are for both, but right now I am only getting the European Hakshop up and running.

Why the difference in costs? Importing a large quantity of devices into Europe is not a simple as I just buy them and then sell them. There is actually a lot of behinds the scenes costs in getting this all up and running. In the future once everything has been running a while prices may start to come down (wont that be nice for all of us in the European side of the world?), but for now I have one method of shipping, and that's DHL Europe, and I've worked out flat rates for certain countries. It also means once shipped you should have your order within 2-3 business days.

In short, I am a reseller. I am not actually legally part of the Hakshop, or Hak5. I am a separate entity. While I am a long time member of the community, and count the Hak5 team as friends, in business terms we are distinct entities.

In the new year we will be expanding what the European side has, so stay tuned for updates.

Edited by Rkiver
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Hi Rkiver

Wow sorry i didn't know that you where just a reseller! And that u do this on your own!

If u buy and resell at this price your indeed doing this at a good price, cause i believe u that importing a large quantity of device in Europe is not easy!

And i also noticed that u already shipped my USB rubber Ducky i ordered earlier! That was pretty fast!

So i want to apologize cause your doing a great job!

I also already received a mail from DHL and so so your handling things insane fast.

Thx and keep up the good work!



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Hi Develectron,

Thanks for being understanding, and yeah just me in the corner of our main room at my desk taking care of it. Wife and daughter do help me a little (gives them to the DHL guy when he comes to collect when I'm out).

Hope you enjoy the Duckie.

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