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Wired client mode problem


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Hello Everyone,

I have updated to the new firmware and i have a problem.

After the update to the new firmware i connect to the "pinapple5_" WiFi, and i finish the setup (password, SSID ).

I like to get my internet form the ethernet port, so i go to -> network -> wired.

There i select the option client mode, and the network has to be restarted.

if i connect to the WiFi again i can't get into the Pineapple interface.

If i go to another computer in my wired network, i also can't seem to connect to it.

Am i doing anything wrong ?



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I ran into what I think is this exact thing yesterday! It was extremely weird. I had two clients connected to the Pineapple, but it had given them IP addresses in two different ranges, one in my home network's range (as if the pineapple wasn't even there and it was just passing everything through), and the other in the Pineapple's normal range. What's more is that the one that had the home network's IP address couldn't connect to the Pineapple, but could connect to the internet, while the client in the Pineapple's IP range could connect to the Pineapple but not the internet.

I fixed this with a couple of reboots. Still not sure what was going on. I'd love to hear what IP addresses your Pineapple is giving out right now.

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I noticed hints of this as well, but just figured I was doing something wrong (historically, a safe and time-saving assumption). My hotel internet access uses the same 172.16.42.xxx addressing as the default on the MK5 and this causes any number of problems. So I figured I'd try putting the MK5's AP on a 10.0.0.xxx setup. I tried 192.168.xxx.xxx as well.

Got all balled up. I'll try it again after coffee some morning. I solve a lot of problems that way.

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