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Need Advice or help would be appriciated


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Hello guys !!

Hope this topic finds you well

I'm using Kali Linux these days and I'm having it working perfectly

So at a point i have Three questions wish to be answered

Q.1 : I'm Using Windows 7 and installed Kali using virtual box so my question do i have to continue install from BIOS Menu which is debian install ? Or leave it as it is

Q.2 : When I'm using setoolkit - website attack vendor then credential harvester then website clone the result are not shown in the same terminal as i can see in other hackers terminals in youtube instead it's shown in the apache local drive

Q:3 : if question 2 is fixed i wonder if anyone have any idea about attacking facebook accounts using just cloning the site with the name of the target for example http://www.facebook.com/someone because i saw someone did it on youtube but since my results are not shown in terminal as mentioned in Q:2 then dunno

Appologies for long topic

Thanks in advance !!!

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I don't understand the fascination with obtaining someones FB creds. Set up an evil portal and create a fake authentication page that harvests account info. Create some be splash page saying " To use our internet hotspot free of charge..blah blah blah.... use you FB or whatever creds you want... to log in blah blah blah..

Of course I can't see a legit reason that you would need to obtain someones FB credentials.

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What made me want to learn cause once one of my friends got her account hacked so i wanted to get it back :\

Anyway you didn't answer any of my questions bro !!

It seems you don't want to learn but rather you want to be handed a method of hacking someone's Facebook account in an act of revenge. For this I would say you have come to the wrong place.

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