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Who knows how to crack this


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I'm trying to teach myself John the ripper and hashcat, I cant crack this at all. Tried 40 different wordlists (totaling 120GB), 20 different types hashes.

What am I doing wrong. I want someone to tell me how to properly crack this stuff, I don't want a simple hand out. The tutorials online and hash-cat site are not yielding any results. When I use hash id it says SHA-1.So I've done that and a number of other ones. I wonder if my wordlist.

Can anyone help.

Example set:












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I've found JtR and HashCat to be rather picky about formatting of the hashes you feed them, so my suggestion to you would be:

1. Create a hash using a common and well-supported hashing algorithm (or using the algo you know your target is using).

2. Create a wordlist containing only 1 word: The original to the hash.

3. Verify that the tool can decrypt your hash using your wordlist.

4. Modify your hashes such that they conform to the format you now know works.

5. Attempt to decrypt using an actual wordlist.

This page on JtR hash formats proved invaluable to me last time I was dealing with this.

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