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Access Point configuration change


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I just updated to firmware 2.1.0 -

The client access point SSID was reset, and when I go to change it, I get a an error 'invalid CSRF token'. I cannot change the hidden checkbox either (same error).

Another question - isn't this the network I want my targets to connect to - why would I want this to be hidden?

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Try rebooting that error only showed once for me

For your second question

pineap and karma would create ssids to connnect to

So having a hidden open ap. would be more stealth. When not running a attack

+10000 to the team beautiful

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Right, then what I remembered regarding Webbrowsers on iOS is correct: they all use the same engine.

The reason this issue exists is because of how we silently inject the csrf protection token into all jquery post requests. Sadly, different browsers implement FormData a little differently, so the injection simply fails, resulting in the error you are getting.

Luckily, I have can get my hands on a Mac later and should be able to see what the issue is.

Best regards,


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