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drivers for 8188eu chip set USB wifi


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Not for use with Linux in terms of monitor mode or promiscuous mode - or not any that work. I'm using one right now on my Windows 7 laptop just for internet access and in that role it's a great long range "n" adapter. Fantastic. Wireshark hates it's guts though. So I use the 8188 to pull in internet, which I then share over ethernet to the MK5 and monitor that ethernet connection with Wireshark.

In that role it works excellently. It's a much much better adapter than the internal one on the laptop.

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Main problem with the 8188eu is that the Linux driver doesn't like it much, in any capacity. That's what I figure anyway. I use it to grab internet onto my Win7 laptop and then share that with the MK5 via ethernet. Besides not being able to deploy it in a flower pot or something, you have great functionality. Solid, fast, and you can monitor real-time with Wireshark. Just the live Wireshark part - I don't think I can give that up now. Very controllable and stable. Lots of data.

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