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proper mk5 installation of usbip?


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Hey all, I been using usbip on my markv lately, but I've noticed it causes some odd behavior all with the device. Such as hanging for a reboot ( shuts down web interface and that's it, won't restart without a hard reset etc, and messes with client mode and wlan1 interface. ) but other than that, it all works fine for mounting the hardware on my linux box just great. Just odd behavior after its all unmounted. Is there a "proper" bug free way were suppose to use usbip on the pineapple?

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I'd also like to note, that yes I did infact change the flags so I was able to update the kernel from the one available in the repo. I'm assuming was auto fetched from the generic openwrt repo instead of cloud.wifipineapple.com/mk5/packages. I did install the kmods and etc and all installed to sd and made the proper symlinks etc. Should I not update the kernel and use opkg --force-depends instead?

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