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BadUSB vs Rubber Ducky


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The reason why i'm posting this is after watching the new episode of Hak5 i felt like their was some resentment concerning BadUSB.

Since most people already know what the ducky can do, I'm going to focus mainly on the BadUSB Points.

1. BadUSB was originally created to show vulnerabilities in usb flash drive firmware.

2. BadUSB (as of right now) can only be performed on USB 3.0 flash drives that contain the Phison 2303 micro-controller. It is alot harder to come by these specific drives than one might think.

Note: There is also an android version of BadUSB but i am not touching that as i consider it a different "product".

3. The Rubber Ducky is alot faster than BadUSB and a Teensy for that matter.

4. BadUSB has the ability to infect other USB 3.0 Flash Drives with the Phison 2303 (again pretty hard to obtain).

5. With BadUsb you have the ability to test social engineering by having a Companies Logo printed onto the case. Increases the chance up to 90% that someone finding it will plug it in. Plus it does require you to be on site. Which bring me to my next point.......

6. If you can find a steady supplier of the right flash drive for BadUsb. BadUsb is a inexpensive alternative to Rubber Ducky; which you can drop a few of them in a desired location and wait. The Usb Rubber Ducky is a little on the steap side for this kind of activity for the average person or small business.

7. For the professional pentester, The USB Rubbery Ducky is the way to go, Hands Down. Matter of fact the researchers who created BadUSB say themselves that if you are trying to perform the BadUSB Hack in order to use it as a Ducky, You should just buy the Ducky, you'll be alot happier. (they also credit Hak5 on there github). consider the Rubby Ducky as a Enterprise device and BadUsb as a home hobbyist "bought from walmart" device.

8. This is the last one i'm writing cause it the most important, with BadUSB, You have very little support, with the Rubber Ducky you have a whole community behind you.

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I think you have any pretty much missed the point of the BadUSB here.

3 above is rubbish, teensy blows the duck out of the water on every level bar the form factor / connector.

For traditional duck functionality I would go for teensy as a first choice and a duck if you are a newb.

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I think you should do more research and fully explain yourself when passing judgment.

I own both a duck and a teensy.

My duck executes a payload in a blink of an eye while my teensy still does a decent job but you can read individual lines as it executes a payload.

The part of your post that made me chuckle the most is this line:

For traditional duck functionality I would go for teensy as a first choice and a duck if you are a newb.

The ducky is a far better choice for the professional over the Teensy.

The housing not only keeps you looking professional in front of clients but the visual aspect of it looking like and ordinary usb flash drive gives you a simple channel to educate less technical clients on the dangers of plugging unknown USB flash drives into their PC. ( There are a few more that i will gladly educate you on when i got more time)

Above that their was no common sense in that line what so ever...I.E. A potential target finds a ducky in its housing on the ground and a Teensy, which one is the target more likely going to plug in?...... If you answered Teensy, your an idiot.

If any line i put missed the point of BadUSB it would be # 2 becasue truth be told BadUSB can be performed on any Flash Drive but it would require reverse engineering the firmware, finding the vulnerabilities and then writing your own exploit/patch for that firmware and then reflashing the flash drive.

But not too many of us have the ability or the time to do that.

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