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Multi mini Pcie WLAN to USB


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OK to start off im not sure such a product exists as my google searches have failed me. Recently i just picked up two of these tsRgqbv.jpg (RTL8187L) for about $5. what im looking for is something that will allow youu to connect 2 mini pcie wlan cards (laptop wireless cards) and run them over a usb buss. I do understand that to be effective it would only run one card at a time unless it were externally powered. the closest thing i could find was one that would connect over SATA but that would limit this to SSD's and other similar storage. i would like the option to have wireless cards min of 2 cards on a single pcb and have them connect over the USB buss. I am not afraid of having to solder connectors or a switch. If anyone can bring some insight as to if something like this exists or knows of a place to have something like this prototyped that would be extremely helpful.

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Hmm can you link me to the single to usb? perhaps i hack hack up something with a usb hub or something that can do what i need.

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