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Battery pack problem


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I recieved my order of the WIFI PINEAPPLE MARK V TACTICAL BUNDLE 6800 MAH.

It seems that the battery pack won't work.

In my country is the voltage of the socket-outlet 230V @ 50Hz, so I am just using a simple adapter for US -> European. The voltage is in the amount of the maximum input of the power supply unit.

When they are plugged in the red LED of the power supply unit and the one of the battery is lid.

I had it like 24h plugged in, but when plugging it out and switching it on to test via the test button if it is charged only one of the LED's for the indicator is lid, the red one. So it did not get charged.

I also tested it with powering my Mark V, but it will be on only like 15min.

Am I doing something wrong or is it broken?

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Okay, I also asked Sebkinne for that in IRC chat. Yes, I was a bit frightened to switch a device on which I charge and I thought the green LED will only be lid when it is fully charged.

It is charging like a charm now. Thanks!

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