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Computer Mouse Freezes in Kali


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Hello! I have a big problem and need help with my mouse.

My USB mouse constantly keeps freezing. After logging into Kali I have about 10 seconds of use before the mouse freezes. The only was to unfreeze this it to restart the computer or unplug and replug my USB mouse. I have tried everything google gave me. I tried editing to xorg directory, and changing my mouse. I even reinstalled the whole filesystem!

I know this isn't Kali because I have used a live version on my macbook. Strangely, when attempting to use the same live USB with my desktop, it freezes again. I hope someone out there can help me because this is very frustrating.


PS: Go easy on my I'm a newbie :)

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I appreciate this,

Try booting up Kali and after login connect the USB mouse.

I had a laptop with an issue where BackTrack would hang for about 5 minutes when my USB mouse was plugged in on boot. When it was not plugged in, it booted just fine.

I appreciate this, but unfortunately that is not working for me... just as a side note, would you have to do that every time you booted to Kali? It seems quite tedious.

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