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PineAP can´t find clients (No clients found)!


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So, yesterday i received the Wiif Pineapple. I was very stoked and ready to test it out. Initial boot and flashing went fine and everything was pretty good. So i tried to test out the PineAP and SSLstrip when i encountered a problem. PineAP couldn't find any clients. However i had both my Macbook Pro and a Windows laptop connected to it. Though i cached a little glimpse of the lock icon over SSLstrip, then it still couldn't find any active clients.

I believe i had the AP on wlan0, and my client mode on wlan1. Any help ?

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Try this:

1: Do not associate wlan1 with any wifi, have it enabled but not connected

2: Enable PineAP, Dogma, Beacon Response, and Karma

3: In Karma, whitelist your home wifi SSID

4: Turn off you home wifi router

5: Turn on your laptop wifi adapter

6: Watch the Karma Log for your laptop's MAC to show as associated

Then fire up SSL Strip and have fun.

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