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Wireshark and Online Gaming


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Recently i have been investigating the packets sent on my network to the servers outside the network on steam. With steam i can clearly view and see what the server addresses are and their IP however i cannot seem to then view hosts connected to them or to me.

I also have a playstation and am wondering whether or not it is possible to view the other players public IP one way or another with wireshark. I have spent alot of time searching and cannot seem to find anything on this anywhere.

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Keep in mind most games are a Client-Dedicated server setup. For example the company will run the server and users connect to the dedicated server.

For example: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is based on one person creating a game which is the host, and users joining it.

Also: http://aluigi.altervista.org/ search for "Steam"

PSA: Don't do anything that breaks law or ToS.

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You need to consider where your wireshark box is sat on the network when you want to sniff traffic. Most of the time all you will see is broadcast traffic and traffic sent directly to your machine, if you want to see all traffic then you have to put your machine inline with the traffic so that it all passes through you. The messy way to do this is with ARP spoofing, the clean way is a second NIC and set up IP forwarding.

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