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Microsoft is going to support suse linux


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Even if microsoft does manage to take SuSe out of GPL and make it all closed source it doesnt mean the end to linux. For a simple reasions

1. All the other distros are still going to be using code from the GPL and not from microsoft

2. Only SuSe is going to be effected by the change

3. Linux still exists

4. Then you have to remember the people that own SuSe still get a say in what happens to it, microsoft doesnt actually own it there in a partnership deal with them to make the two operating systems talk to each other better.

5. Im sure SuSe wouldnt allow microsoft to kill there license

6. So instead of thinking there going to try and kill linux maybe you should just sit back and watch what they actually do first, you never know it could be a good thing for linux to have a company like microsoft behind it. There going to be introducing big companys to SuSe which can lead to them saying fuck microsoft i just want linux on my network now.

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Yikes this is scary,

I think Novell SuSE Linux is Microsoft second plan if Vista blows up in their faces...which might happen considering the price tag of Vista (Ultimate is $399.00 USD!)

one thing I am staring to see happen is that people starting to get sick of Microsofts software, the viruses and the BSOD.

because of these problems combo with the increased awareness of alternatives program/hardware which are better examples: Firefox, Winamp, VLC, Open Office and the biggest threat Ipods & Intel Macs.

I think Microsoft is going to have a hard year.

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Mac's aren't an alternative, there well more expensive and run less software (for your Average Joe).

Winamp isn't in production anymore (there just doing updates, not planning a version 6) and anyway, its been around since the 90's.

VLC while powerful, looks pants to most people. Its not as easy to use for most people.

Open Office is good, but it isn't MS Office, MS Office is damn good, and the 2007 version blows Open Office out of the water.

iPods are MP3 players... not really a threat to the millions of offices that use windows.

I've not had a BSOD I can blame on Microsoft for years... mostly its bad drivers (winpcap 4 alpha and beta is giving me a lot of problems right now). People need to stop buying this idea that MS is automatically crap. Balmer maybe a cock, but show me the boss of any large company that isn't, you cannot judge the efforts of the company (ie the people who do the actual work) but the pathetic attitude of the guy who runs it.

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