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Is a SoloIphone-Pineapple setup possible?


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So guys,

I got a little setup problem :wacko:

My setup: iPhone 4S , wifi tethering, and the wifi pineapple!

What I want to do: boot up both devices, connect iPhone to wifi pineapple, startup everything ( actually just tcpdump at the moment, maybe also deauth ) after that, do something magic and start wifi tethering on the iPhone and let the pineapple connect to it ( maybe put something in the dip switch so it connects automatically to the iPhone, but I don't know how )

Does someone know an answer to this?

Greetz, Roman

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If iphone usb tethering won't work try a wifi hotspot and connect your pineapple by a client mode to your iPhone hotspot

I actually thought at one point someone got it working by USB tethering to the pineapple prior to turning it on

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