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Airbase-NG && UDHCPC on WIFI_Pineapple


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Hello internet trolls and geniouses.

I like to live in commandline and I considder my self ok in linux.

Usually i just use airbase ng, make a soft ap and dhcp on the at_interface.

No stress no problem.

But i resently bought a pineapple to use it as a tiny toolbox when pentesting on wireless systems.

So my idea was to ssh to the pineapple, set up a ap and use wireshark's remote sniffing.

Works fine, except all the packets on the at_interface comes out as malformed packets.

Also when using airbase-ng i can connect to the nettwork but i canntot get dhcp.

I have tried to add it to the bridged adapter and i have tried to use udhcpc.

I cant get dhcp no matter what, and i cant sniff poackets. i can sniff packets on every other interface, no problem.

I cant only get dhcp trough eternet or the default pineapple wifi nettwork.

---So im wondering if i need to configure somthing or if this is a bug in the pineapple, seeing as it works if i use a normal usb-wifi card, insted of ssh-ing to the pineapple.

---Is there a "blank version" where i can just install aircrack, dhcp3 and leave it there?

---it might also be my noobieness with the pineapple.... so If anyone have done this on the pineapple please help me a bit, i would aprechiate it!

Sorry for my spelling.

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