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Key Recovery Tool - Locations needed


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I know there tons of tools out there, but I like to write my own tools.

I'm currently working on a tool to recover product key and login data. So, I need your help.

If you could contribute your registry entries or file system locations I'll be able to expand my tool. Of course, the product keys or logins should be censored. Just add info, if it'S encrypted.

"User"="John Doe's neighbour"
Current status:
  • Windows system information
  • WinImage
  • WinISO
  • Virtual Painter 5
  • TuneUp Utilies 2003-2014
  • Multidecoder
  • Stuff It 9
  • Artisteer 4
  • Paint Shop Pro x2
  • Kyodai Mahjongg
  • Empire Earth 2
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I used to use a program called LicenseCrawler, which if you ever used it, exports keys to a text file. I think asking for specific keys, is probably the wrong way to go. I don't think LicenseCrawler knows certain key locations, as much as it has a way to heuristically check for them. There is probably a better way, to search for program keys, serials, etc, using some other method than by known location, although I don't have the answer on how you do it, it may be elementary windows scripting in many cases and often found on msdn and such sites. In other words, don't reinvent the wheel so much as, if there is a function for dumping license keys, make your program hook into built in functions of windows, and export them nicely and organized in a useful manner, which LicenseCrawler doens't exactly do so nicely, but does work very well. Also NirSoft makes one similar, with a very clean GUI, table like display, vs the raw dump of LicenseCrawler. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck with the app though, as ones like this are very useful when migrating software from workstations and doing upgrades. There is always a need for well written tools like this that can export, and also import them easily if needed.

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