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Take Off Windows User Password Off


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Hi, i remember a while back that we had the same thread about getting passed a password on windows and was looking for it today and cant find it. So i was wondering if the person who posted that website which shows you how to get passed it would please re-post it.

I can remember you have to use the windows disk and like restore it then when restoreing it you go into the cmd as there is a bug and change the password (not the admin)

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my favorite windoors password cracker is Ophcrack "The Fastest Windows Password cracker"

I've used it many times and it proves itself again and again.

BTW, it's totally newb friendly all you have to do is boot from the Live CD and it starts automatically. No way it could get any easier.


The Problem is that you can disable the bug Ophcrack uses.

So: Ntcrack and Knoppix

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