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How to? Pineapple Wifi Cracking


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Hi all,

I have setup my pineapple as a wireless AP in order to allow for access to the pineapple. (connecting to it via a wireless usb adapter)

Now, I would like to use my pineapple to act as a monitoring device from which to run airmon, aircrakt etc, in a kali terminal.

My question is, how do I config the pineapple to do this, when my kali host only sees the wireless usb adapter (so when I run airmon-ng, it initiates the usb adapter - and thus disconnects me from the pineapple because it is now engaged with monitoring)?

Help much appreciated :)

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Hey folks thanks for the reply! :)

I added my mac to the blacklist in the Deauth bar - however, I send deauth commands via ssh (aireplay-ng -0 0 -a 78:A0:51:21:CD:AD mon0), so would that automatically apply the blacklist from our setting in the Deauth bar(web interface)?

I tried another run this morning, only got to airodump-ng -c 6 mon0 (in ssh), and then the pineapple lost connection (ssh AND web interface). Any ideas?

(error message in ssh says broken pipe - which I am presumming just means the pineapple lost link due to going down).

All help greatly appreciated

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Just for the heck of it, to see if maybe if the pineapple is getting bogged down. Lower the priority of of your command. So type out without quotes " nice -3 aireplay-ng -0 0 -a 78:A0:51:21:CD:AD mon0 " nice is a tool to launch a process with a modified priority. -20 is highest. 19 is lowest

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