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No 3rd party cookies in Firefox 2


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has anyone else noticed that Firefox 2 doesn't allow blocking of 3rd party cookies, only accept or disallow cookies.

i went and found this really cool site which documents all of the obscure config options in firefox

to allow only 3rd pary cookies

type "about:config" (without the talking marks) in the address bar of firefox

then type "network.cookie" in the filter

there should be one field left, this is


change this from the default of 0 to 1

it will already be 1 if you're upgrading from your old version of firefox

they didn't remove the feature, but it shits me that they took it out of the GUI, now i have to customise this every time i want to no accept 3rd party cookies. and you're much less likely to turn this off if it's not in the GUI

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Yeah, same here. I've got it set to 'Ask' and most of the time just hit Deny. Even session cookies usually aren't required when all you want is to look at a page. And it's just one more piece of crap that isn't stored on your computer.

Seriously, check out how many cookies you have on your machine. It's _insane_. And most of them only contain the last time you visited or some silly shit like that.

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