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Can't route managed 3G/4G dongle (eth1) through Pineapple


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Hi everyone,
Long time lurker first time caller.

I am at my wits end trying to get the Pineapple MK5 to connect to the internet through a usb dongle.

The dongle is a Vodaphone K4201-Z.

It runs absolutely fine on all systems I have tried it on just by plugging it in.

So for example on Kali you just plug it in and it comes up as eth1 and you are connected to the internet.

It shows up as eth1 when you plug it into the pineapple. I have ssh'ed into the pineapple and brought it up with:

ifconfig eth1 up

I do not know how to route the internet from the eth1 connection to the pineapple. I am sure it something very basic but I can't figure it out. I am pretty new to things and am probably being stooopid but I have wasted quite a few hours on this now and got nowhere so I'm going to put it to the floor.

Thanks in advance

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It sounds like you need to Google for the correct '<yoursimcard> APN Settings' then put that into the 'mobile' section of the 'network' infusion.


If that's no help. Have a good read of the wiki modem support page


Hope this points you towards the solution.

Merry Christmas ?

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