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usb automated hacks


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Hi, I am looking for the code to create a auto lauching hack, I am currently still at school and i am getting close to leaving, i am wanting to shutdown all the computers remotely without logging in to the computers, i want a usb drive i can connect that will run windows in terminal mode and allows me to disconnect the drive before triggering a timer to count down till shutdown of all of the network computers, This is for a prank not to harm any network files or computers. any got any ideas or could give me a copy of one that already exists.

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Myeah. Problem is folks here tend to look at both viewpoints and, sadly, the bigger picture.

If you were to get your way:

1. You'd be a hero to your peers. Hell, you might even get laid if you played your cards right.

2. The overworked and underpaid "it tecnitions" have to drop what they're doing and scramble trying to get the system back in gear.

3. If the problem persists because they don't understand what happened and, in the course of fixing things, break things more, they're looking at serious downtime. People have uncomfortable chats with supervisors for much, much less.

4. The school will either demand financial compensation for the downtime if they outsourced, or demand these overworked and underpaid IT technicians put in unpaid overtime to both fix the issue and still do all the other things they were supposed to have been doing that day.

So, while you'd end up being a hero to your peers, to everybody else you'd be the annoying little douche who, to show the IT staff just how fantastic he is, went to a forum to ask for and was given a packaged solution that would show no sign of his personal intellect, prowess or skill, but that would fuck with the system and cause a large amount of people to not be able to do what they were meant to be doing.

In internet terms, you'd be a dickless little script kiddie. And nobody likes those.

So, in the interest of public safety and your continued life without a criminal record (um... you are aware you'd be liable to get a steep fine and you'd probably be expelled from school which would seriously jeapordise your future), no, we will not help you with that.

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why not DDoS your school using your schools internet and computer? then manually create a FAKE virus on that computer using notepad then convert it to a .bat file then distribute this fake virus through the network disguising it as a "exams leaked info" or something, just so people would click it, and what this virus does is when its ran, it spams like 10 messages and it counts down from 30 till it shuts down. pretty close to what you want, im sure youll get your laugh and kicks.

for the code, just look it up on youtube.

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