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How to change Pineapple IV network configuration ?


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I would like to know how can some one change the Mark IV network configuration in order to connect to internet and download the infusions that I want or if there is a way to do it through the usb or with WinSCP ?

Pineapple Mark IV on ALFA AP121U (8MB version)

FW v. 2.8.1

Also can I use the FW v. 3.0.0 ?

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You can use any firmware version you want for the MKIV. https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads&version=mk4

And I do believe that the pineapple bar is still being hosted for the MKIV. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

To change your network configuration edit /etc/config/network on your pineapple

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it would be very upsetting if the MKIV stuff disappeared from here.

The amount of times I have to factory reset it.....

You could always make a local mirror of it

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I try to set up a IV today and I always get no internet connection when I load the infusion list. As I bought the kit 2 years ago but only gave it a try now I wonder what I do wrong...

- connected win PC via network cable to Pineapple (ppoe LAN)

- got it up and running as an AP for wifi

- > but if I load the pineapple bar and click on the "available infusions" I get

Error connecting!
Please make sure you have an internet connection.

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