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USB Rubber Ducky Limitations


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1 - that limit should only be on the twin duck(+), as the payload is being loaded into memory. It should not effect the original duck firmware or ducky-detour

Also, each character is stored as a byte in memory - it may be possible to rewrite the firmware to load the payload into memory in a compressed form - approximately doubling the space; requires firmware re-programming

2 - limitations of the FAT SD library from ATMEL ? not sure I haven't tried any SDcards bigger than 2GB at the moment.

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1- Is there any idea for removing limitation of inject.bin for twin firmware ?

2-About memory limitation , If the memory card's file system is FAT32, then it has a file limit of 4GB. To get over this limitation, you could format your memory card to the NTFS file system. Does ATMEL have NTFS library ?

3- What is Composite_Duck_S003.hex for ? and where is source ?

4- What is osx.hex ?

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