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Can the Pineapple make you anonymous to your ip provider?


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No. Nothing can make you anonymous to your provider.


Can someone explain why sending all traffic and receiving all traffic through the pineapple cant mask you, I'm only asking as I'm interested what is it they can see and why can't we hide in the background not seen. I don't like the idea that someone can spy and keep tracks on me, I'm only asking because I'm curious.

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Describing the Pineapple as a man-in-the-middle is a perfect description. ALL the pineapple does when in client mode is "forward" everything from its wireless clients to your AP. It couldn't encrypt or mask anything because then your AP wouldn't understand it. (Ok, there is encryption involved, but its only the WEP/WPA that you have on your AP, thats only so that someone not authenticated to the network can't snoop on anything - in other words, everything is decrypted once it gets to the router.).

As far as your router (and therefore your ISP) is concerned, the pineapple is just another wireless client connected to the network, just like your laptop or phone is.

HOWEVER, obviously if you had several devices connected to the pineapple, the router wouldn't be able to distinguish between them (all the connections would appear to originate from the pineapple). Just like your ISP can't tell whether your phone or your laptop requested a certain web page (all the connections appear to originate from your router).

Hope that clears it up for you.

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Yes the traffic going through the VPN is encrypted but your IP address is not invisible or masked to your ISP they just know you are sending data to the VPN server. Now the data coming out of the other end of the VPN tunnel is not encrypted (unless its using SSL or something) so your ISP can't see what you are doing but the ISP that your VPN server is connected to and the administrators of the VPN server can see what you are doing

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You could also install OpenVPN on your pineapple, it would help but what Newbi3 said still applies.

How is that going to help? Running a VPN from the pineapple, or from your computer makes no difference from the isp's point of view. All it's going to do is slow down your connection speed. The pineapple can run openvpn, but the encryption/decryption is going to slow it down. A lot.

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