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Thanks I made some progress. <old news> I ended up purchasing a usb floppy drive. Now one of my co workers wow I didn't know they made this. He has a customer with a tool that hooks to a computer. This tool cuts metal in various patterns. CNC lathe. I use this for dinosaur Point of sale equipment. For myself I purchased a 2000mw wifi adapter and 10db directional antenna. <oldnews>I have a 16 db yagi if all else fails.

Now for the nick names and things people say. It is the quiet ones you have to watch. You are quiet and you are smart. Safe cracker over here found internet access. I say I am just a computer guy. and so on. One guy goes to say you mean computer god. My own mother calls me a dork. P.s did you get that mechanical pencil to pickup wifi or how about your guitar.

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