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Why WiFi Pineapple?


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This is probably a stupid question and I am sorry about that because I learned about the pineapple just few hours ago, but I can't find a clarification anywhere:

What can I do with the pineapple that I can not do with a linux machine and a wifi adapter? As I understood, the main purpose of the pineapple is to route wifi traffice over it so that you can start MITM attacks. Why would I use the pineapple for that if I can just connect to an open network and use arpspoof? Is the main advantage of the pineapple the ease of use?

Thanks a lot!!!

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Hey pineappleman, welcome to the forums the main reasion the pine apple was developed in my opinion wat as a drob box that you can just hid somwhere or inside somthing. I makes it easier and less conspicuous when you are trying to do a pentest. Plus with all of the functuniality that you have with the pineapple it pretty much automates parts of the pentest with the flip of a switch.

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You could do everything you can do with the pineapple with a laptop yeah but the point of the pineapple is that its only $100 so its kind of a disposable box and the ease of use it provides is definitely a strong point of it. My main purpose for getting my first pineapple back in the MK IV days was just to have a project to work on, and its a really fun project

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I use it for what its promoted as a honeypot drop box.

Set it up in my house and see how many people who dirve on my street and pass by my house i like to see how many of their devices auto connect as they drive by if and when i ever go out normally during the winter time i take it out with me and see how many people will connect to it.

You can preform wireless attacks thanks to infusions made by community members you can preform MITM attacks on people who connect to your pineapple like sniff logins, hook victims browsers with something like BeEF Frameworks, Track aircraft with a compatible SDR Dongle

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