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Quick question, Does Rubber Ducky work on start up / in Bios?


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I'm thinking of buying a Rubber Ducky to play with and to automate some repetitive crypto for my thesis.

If i start op a laptop with Rubber Ducky plugged in can it be used to access the bios or a liveCD?

For example can i put Ubuntu/windows on a SD and have Rubber ducky go through the install process automatically so i can automate installing a operating system and software. (Yes i know of VM's etc but i'm interested in making a self installing package) :smile:

Sorry if this is a stupid question i'm unfamiliar with Rubber Ducky :rolleyes:

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Yes, it should work in startup / BIOS.

Not really suitable for that kind of thing as it is just a "dumb" keyboard that fires off key presses at predefined intervals and gets zero feedback from the system.

You will have trouble getting appropriate delays for stages of the install process.

What I would do is use a Teensy/Arduino with tactile switches (buttons) and then have a semi-automatic process that proceeds to the subsequent stage when the button is pressed. The ducky cannot do this as it has no accessible GPIO pins.

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