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PC Rental Agent


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Anyone heard of pcrentalagent? pcrentalgent.com ?

I am interested in renting a laptop, apparently they load what they called pcagent onto it, so im thinking I may not be able to nuke windows in order to run linux.

they make some pretty big claims on this site as to what it is capable of, some seem almost too hardcore however looking into intel's AMT technology makes me wonder ?

This is all I could find.. http://www.pcrentalagent.com/esiteWay/Installing.htm

really appreciate any feedback..

the cpu is Intel Core i7-4702MQ + Quad Core

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From that linked section:

Q. Does the Agent get blocked by anti-virus software and/or detected by it?

A. No, the Agent is a device and can no more be turned off than any other hardware device. Windows, Linux, or any other operating systems do not see it.

Sounds like Linux isn't going to be a problem.

That vPro stuff is like an OS that the BIOS kicks in prior to starting the actual OS. It's got a number of features that make me shiver (whose bloody computer is it anyway?) but they make sense in the rent-a-pc world.

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The talk about shiver, funny thing is that it is installed by usb thumb drive, either way I wanted to lease due to the tax benefits but if this is the software they are using - he seemed pretty unknowlegeable I'll steer clear cause I don't think I could even change the HDD for fear of remote wiping, but seriously some of those features sound godlike.

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Hi Joined this forum for this exact problem

Client has

1) paid out a rental agreement,

2) asked rental company to remove PC Rental Agent.

However on close examination PC Rental Agent Files, drivers and Info are still on the laptop.

Does anyone know how to get rid of PC Rental Agent for good.

Oh... I tried contacting PC Rental Agent on their WEB contact page..... It does not work, you press send and nothing happens.

I would rather not Wipe the drive and reinstall Windows, anyway from what I can find on the WEB this may not work anyway.

Any help would be appriciated

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