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mac os X and Mark V


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I tried to search for the answer to this question, but I am unable to find it.

I am running mac os x version 10.9 and finding it hard to configure the device to access the internet while my computer's wifi is turned on. Specifically, I've set up "internet sharing" on my network settings, like the link to the blog below instructs.

Instead, I have to disable my mac's wifi while I have the Mark V plugged in, but then it will not work. I get no internet connection.

I have tried the instructions on the blog below, but have been unsuccessful because an error prompts that I do not have admin rights to modify config files on my mac (even though I'm my mac's admin - go figure).


Is there an easier way to get a mac compatible with the mark v? Thanks for your help!

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I use OS X as well for my main laptop and desktop but I never feel like messing around with trying to get ICS working on it so I just open up a linux vm (I prefer arch but it doesn't matter) and then tether my pineapple that way.

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