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I got flagged


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While I was using google today, trying out new seach strings, I was searching for SQL files accassable from the net.

not trying to do anything out of line, just using google to find open stuff.

Next thing I know , I been flagged, everytime I tried to use google, it redirected to a google page saying strange browsing activity was detected, please enter the below string to comfirm that I am not a robot, it had one of those catcha strings.....????


i shut down and restarting the browser without comfiming the string, but straight away, redirected to this page.

I have never had this happen before.

when did this start?

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Google has a system that tries to spot anomolies, most often it is caused by doing to many searches in to short a time, I get picked up for it when doing site recon for clients as I tend to search, refine the search then go again. They are basically tring to stop automation on the main web interface so they can push bots to their API instead.

They do it at least based on IP address and maybe tie it to your google login if you have one. Either clear your cookies and change your external IP address or just wait a while, it clears down on its own soon enough.

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Actually, they're trying to prevent commercial products from using them without paying the fee.

There are services out there that can, for instance, check if some dissertation or other scholary/academic paper has been plagiarised by simply googling for specific sentences from the text. Problem is that these programs need to perform a _LOT_ of searches in a short timeframe. Google doesn't mind you doing that, but you have to pay a fee for that which is apparently significant enough for those that make the software to find ingenious/illegal ways around the problem.

When you see any form of anti-plagiarisation software, there's a 99% chance that underneath it's just a program that's calling Google and the only logic they add is in trying to find the best text snippet to google for.

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Lots of tools use a google dork search queries.



if you send request to fast you will be flagged, if you send to many in a short amount of time you will be flagged...

You have to understand how many did you send?

Also the length of time?

Then you must slow your scanning down to evade there flagging algorithm...


send this query threw your browser 20 times in a row and see what happens...

Let me know how many queries untill your flagged

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I am a bit relivied now I understand whats going on.

I never had this happen to me before, I was in a bit of a panic about it, thinking I had done something wrong.

I will be more careful in the future.

Thanks Guys

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If you automatically on a per-item base google lookup something to give it a standardised filename, I can see that happening quite easily for a store of 8000 items.

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