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Can Pineapple do this out of the box?


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I had an idea last night for a different type of "intrusion detection" system. Basically I know that most phones nowadays send out probes for known networks that are "saved" in their phones. I also know that most people leave wifi on to save data on their limited data plans. What I would like to do is capture any probe requests that did not come from a list of devices I define and log those to a file. I do not want to do what Pineapple usually does an make a honeypot, I JUST need to log the probes and device MACs. Is this possible? Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply. However, my $15 dd-wrt router can run airodump and grep. This would take huge amounts of space. Even if I piped output to stdout it's not pretty. I was hoping this feature would be built in to pineapple and save me debugging time. I await other replies, maybe from project admin :)

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oops, yeah i would would wait for someone with more experience with the MarkV. i just got mine and haven't dug in too much to its core functions.

spent most of my time modding an incognito fake 6lb rock, to make it house the pineapple & antenna's internally lol ( i think people would find it slightly odd if a rock had 4 antennas sticking out of it hahaha ), and busy learning it so far learning python to configure the MarkV for my own needs :)

( coming from C# to python, i wonder if my hair will grow back?? )

but in any means, wait for Darren or Seb, or someone who has much more experience with its functions, as i havent done too much with mine as of yet other than scripting it for my very specific needs.

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