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Question about passing trafic by device


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I wonder about passing trafic by device

I need to create next scheme

My pineapple connect to wi fi and people who connects my pineapple use this wi fi too
I do it, but when i connect to my pineapple as somebody, there isn't internet
But if i check status in Network in admin panel, there is internet connection

I use Kali linux

What i must to set in properties for fix this problem

I want:

1) Monitor my pineaple by computer
2) Not use internet from computer
3) Take internet by pineaple from wi fi point and give it internet to other people

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You would share internet connection from pineapple. right ?

Be sure your wlan1 are in client mode then connect to your AP (ISP connect)
Your wlan0 normaly broadcast the AP where your clients should connect to it.

If you wanna monitor your pineapple by your computer launch a Linux VM & connect her to the pineapple.
Also make a SSH connection and then try a ping if you have a real connect' ..

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I did so
But i found a cause of problem
If i turn on ettercap in pineapple
devices which connect to pineapple can't access internet
if i turn off, everything is ok, how to fix it?

but there is one problem also
if i turn on ssltrip, all sites with https can't load
why so?
because it is not interesting, if users can't use https!

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