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New lcd monitor wont allow me to install linux ¬_¬


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Hey guys well the story is as follows, I recently bought a new lcd monitor, after a couple of days using it i thought i wonder what it is like with linux on it, so i got my copy of ubuntu out restarted my machine choose the option i wanted and waited patiently but then all of a sudden a blue console came up saying that xorg had failed with the graphics. :shock:

so i quickly booted back up in windows got onto the irc and asked for a solution well i got told it was because i was a dvi plug which i wasn't when i originally had ubuntu installed so i got told i should just go back to standard vga cable, so i did but hated it because i couldn't get the true resolution i had before with the vga cable.

so my question is, is there a way i can install linux(pref ubuntu or pclinux) on my machine using my dvi lcd monitor?

thanks for time Matthew

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