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Sending Karma traffic through VPN


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Hi Guys,

I've had a Mark V for a couple months now, and only really just starting to use it. Not seen this mentioned before, so not sure if it's possible or whether it's just so simple that no-one's actually had to spell it out for a noob like myself so far!

The idea I have is to use Karma to automagically liberate wireless clients in a given environment, by accepting their traffic on one wireless interface, and using another wireless interface to connect to an access point and passing the data through - Obviously this is no mean feat, this is a very basic feature of the Pineapple.

What I would like to do differently from the above, is route the clients traffic (transparently) through a pre-defined VPN, thus avoiding any filtering rules on the access point or at that local network infrastructure. This means anyone connected to the Pineapple is granted secure (from the pineapple onwards at least) traffic forwarding to the VPN exit, and are able to browse Facebook/Youtube/etc even if these sites would have been blocked locally.

I hope this is clear, but I will clarify if needed - Is the above possible at all? I'm sure you geniuses can help me out in some way!



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Wow, I'm actually *that* guy on this forum now, with my first post no-less. I'm so sorry, I did use the search with term "vpn" and it returns nothing (I've gone back and even tried with wildcards - and nothing) but if you use "openvpn" all the results are there.

Not making excuses or anything ;)


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