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Aircrack-ng revisited


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So I have run an Aircrack-ng crack on my own wifi network a couple of times since I last posted, but I have some more questions, and since I am taking a forensics class that is asking about this suite I guess I better ask these questions.

The Pineapple can run the Aircrack-ng suite, but it is hardly ideal due to it's insufficient processor. Now if I wanted to run this software on my laptop, a Windows box (Aircrack-ng now has a Windows client) what sort of injection adapter would I need? Would the Hak shop adapter even work on the Windows box with the Aircrack-ng suite:


What adapter specifically do I need? I am a little new to the wifi hacking, so I don't know everything yet.

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I wouldn't really use windows for wifi hacking as far as i know windows doesn't do injection :sleep: , best to use Kali-linux in a VM or boot it live , as for adapter the most widely used has to be the Alfa awus036h i have 2 and they are great.

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Aircrack has a problem with WIN OS but can work with a bit of tweaking look at this link http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=aircrack-ng_suite-under-windows_for_dummies

This will guide you through the whole procces if you dont fancy doing this download a linux distro such as Kali Linux which already has it installed and run it from a USB stick on your laptop.

Good Luck

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Yes that would be the way to go I can vouch for the IBM X60 the on board wireless cards inject and thease notebooks can be picked up quite cheap now they run very well with just 2GB Ram I have 2 both duel core 1.8 and work very well with Back Box Linux and Kali Linux and as z3rocool states the Alfa AWUS036H is excellent, and if you want a good book to read on Aircrack-NG get yourself a copy of Vivek Ramachandran's book BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing, excellent book to get you started and you can do most of the lessons with any distro that has Aircrack-NG installed.

If you cannot get a copy just google Security Tube thats his site and he does free online videos based on the book and goes further to the more advanced stuff.

And of course you dont need another laptop as you could take the USB Memory stick route but if you do take the persistant install route that way you can save work across re-boots

Kind Regards

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