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Tethering with Sprint GS4


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I'm having some trouble getting out to the internet with my Pineapple while it is tethered to my Sprint GS4. While the phone is connected to my home router via WiFi the Pineapple can ping just fine. Once I change the connection to 4G LTE the Pineapple can no longer ping I have performed many different tests and have yet to solve this problem. Any help is appreciated.

Extra info:

1. Using the Ping & DNS app on the GS4 I have verified that my phone can get out to the internet (view attachment).

2. The Pineapple can ping both IP addresses shown in the network info of the phone and I have tried setting the default gateway of the Pineapple to both of these addresses as well as the address of its own usb0 interface.

3. Something strange I came across is if I try to ping google.com or facebook.com from the Pineapple it resolves the IP but it still can't ping out.

4. I have also ran the appropriate iptables commands from other guides even though, if I understand correctly, that is simply to route clients out to the internet. I should still be able to ping from the Pineapple without this modification.

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